Removal of travellers

Removal of travellers

Unauthorised occupants of land or commercial premises can be a nightmare for obvious reasons. An owner has rights under common law to evict the illegal occupier without recourse to the courts.

Each of our clients has full real-time access to their cases via our secure in-house case management system which can be customised to suit any requirements.

Swift will handle the process quickly and resolutely. Our dedicated team will attend the scene on receipt of the warrant and effect eviction without delay.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an unauthorised encampment?
An unauthorised encampment is when persons in caravans, trailers or vehicles or any other moveable accommodation move onto land that they do not own.
Will I have to take obtain a Court Order to move the travellers off my land?
You do not have to obtain a Court Order, using the common-law route is an alternative course of action.
How does the common-law route work?
Notices are served upon the travellers to leave the site within 24 hours. If the notice is ignored or disregarded our enforcement agents will attend the site and will supervise the removal of the travellers. The police will be informed and called upon if needed. Arrangements will also be made for the attendance of recovery trucks if required.
Who can instruct to remove trespassers from private land?
We can receive instructions from landlords or managing agents.
How will long will it take to remove the travellers?
Our aim is to remove the travellers within 24 hours of accepting instructions.
Will the police be called?
The duty of the police is to preserve the peace and prevent any crime.