How to make a complaint

How to make a complaint

Our aim

Swift Credit Services Ltd ("Swift") take all complaints seriously, and investigates them in a fair and consistent manner. As our services affect the public at large, we view individuals we deal with in the process of debt collection and enforcement as our customers. This means that we have customer service obligations, which we strive to uphold.

Should we ever fail to meet your expectations, or should you feel dissatisfied with our conduct in any way, we would welcome your feedback. Our telephone agents are happy to help if you wish to talk through any concerns. They are empowered to deal with concerns, and to find resolutions for you.

If for any reason we cannot resolve the matter over the phone, then the case will be passed to our Complaints team to handle.

This process does not apply to the collection of debts formed under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (amended 2006). The collection of such debts is subject to different regulations, including Financial Conduct Authority protections, and the right of customers to report complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

What to expect when you complain to us

Stage 1 - Complaints resolution

Please provide details of your concerns in writing, including:

  • your name, address, contact telephone number and account reference number;
  • full details of your concern or complaint; and
  • copies of any documentation that you feel might be relevant.

Complaints can be made in writing by email to or to:

PO Box 12019
CM16 9EB

We will write to you within three working days to acknowledge receipt of the complaint.

We aim to respond within ten working days of receipt with a full response. If there is any reason why we are not in a position to do this, we will contact you to advise when you will receive a response.

We try to resolve complaints in full at this initial stage.

The best people to sort out problems are often those who provide the service, so one of our experienced and competent complaints handlers will thoroughly investigate the issues you have raised. They will, if necessary, speak with you first, and then gather views from other people connected with the matter, to make sure we fully understand the situation.

There may be a number of exchanges of correspondence at Stage 1, while we're gathering information. Once we come to a conclusion, we will fully explain our investigations, findings and decision to you.

Stage 2 - Independent review of complaint

If you are not happy with the outcome of Stage 1, you can ask us to review the matter again.

In this case, you should clearly set out the reasons why you do not agree with the Stage 1 decision, and provide any additional evidence to support your position.

At Stage 2, one of our Complaints and Welfare Managers will investigate both the complaint itself, and how we have dealt with it. Our Complaints and Welfare Managers are independent of the factual matters that are the subject of the complaint, ensuring that their assessment is objective.

The Complaints and Welfare Manager will aim to respond to you within ten working days with a final response. If they cannot provide a final response within ten working days, they will contact you to let you know when to expect their final response. This final response will highlight the remaining options available to you, as described below.

Stage 3 - appeal process

If you still aren't happy with the outcome following Stage 2, you can ask for your complaint to be referred to either Marston's Independent Advisory Group, the relevant industry association or to the relevant Ombudsman (where applicable).

Review by independent panel

Marston's activities are reviewed by an Independent Advisory Group (IAG), comprising independent non-executive industry experts who review how we do business, and can recommend changes. Members of the IAG are not employed by the Organisation. You can ask us to refer your complaint to the IAG for a review of our Stage 2 decision. We will acknowledge your request and refer your appeal to them. The IAG will provide their written response and decision to you within 20 working days of the complaint being referred.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the review by the IAG, you still have the right to report the matter to the Civil Enforcement Association, the High Court Enforcement Officers Association, or the relevant Ombudsman as appropriate (see below) for their consideration.


Industry associations and the Ombudsman

Please see the summary table below for the appropriate options available to you:

Type of Debt Stage 3 Options
Non High Court order owed to/for:
Highways England
Commercial Rent Arrears
IAG Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA) Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman (LGSCO)
Public Services Ombudsman (Wales only)
All other Non High Court orders IAG Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman (LGSCO)
Public Services Ombudsman (Wales only)
High Court Writ IAG High Court Enforcement Officers Association (HCEOA)

CIVEA contact details:
PO Box 745
Telephone: 0844 893 3922

CIVEA complaints procedure: Click here

LGSCO: You can find more information about how to complain on their website by clicking here

PSO (Wales only): You can find more information about how to complain on their website by clicking here

50 Broadway
Telephone: 0844 824 4575

HCEOA complaints procedure: click here

Support available to our customers

It is essential that you get support and assistance if you need it. For a list of relevant organisations who may be able to provide this, please click here.