Ethics and Governance

Ethics and Governance

What is the Advisory Group?

After becoming part of Marston Holdings in August 2013, Swift now benefit from the ground-breaking Advisory Group, which was established by Marston in 2011. The Group comprises of highly experienced and well known professionals across the fields of corporate governance, public affairs, politics, corporate finance, enforcement and law. The Group continues to provide independent and strategic advice to Marston's executive team.

The role of the Advisory Group

  • Oversight and review of the professional culture, ethical standards and transparent procedures that we embed across our organisation.
  • Assessing the impact of our services and approach on the industry, in society and as a fundamental component of the judicial process.
  • Contributing leadership thinking by shared insight and research into legal, regulatory and judicial reform, service innovation and the increasing role of welfare support and advice for vulnerable and low income citizens and families.

For more information on the Advisory Group, including the members, please click here.